Friday, October 03, 2008

What are the criteria of a ‘cult’ ?

What are the criteria of a ‘cult‘ ?

A relatively new YouTube user, bradbavarde, compares a description from Webster’s Dictionary to his opinion of certain characteristics of a Large Group Awareness Training organization. Take a moment to watch this video about bradbavarde’s commentary on these criteria, and decide for yourself:

Here are some additional resources discussing ‘cult’ criteria:

What is a Destructive Cult? - FACTnet

Criteria for Determining If a Group is a Destructive Cult - Cult Awareness and Information Center

Dr. Robert Jay Lifton’s Criteria for Thought Reform - ex-cult Resource Center

Defining a Cult - The Ross Institute Internet Archive for the Study of Destructive Cults, Controversial Groups and Movements

Cults 101: Checklist of Cult Characteristics - International Cultic Studies Association

What are the Characteristics of a Religious Cult? - The Prem Rawat Talk Forum

And once again, a more humorous but also disturbing take on how to start a “Mind Control Cult”:

As always, you are encouraged to watch the above videos, read the information provided at the links, research more and educate yourselves - and decide for yourself.

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Asobime said...

I'm surprised that no one has left a comment!

Thank you so much for this reinforces my two concerns: that Landmark is using a certain sort of mind control, group psychology, creating a euphoria that certainly is dependent upon the meetings, like a group hysteria...and dies down after a few days, thereby creating a financial addiction to go back and 'do it again.'

Thank you. We need to know more of what Landmark entails. At least those of us who can think beyond our noses.

And yes, I find that this 'message' of Landmark..."that our lives are meaningless" highly offensive. Especially considering the crap Landmark peddles.

Lady Nyo