Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Mind Control Made Easy

Mind Control Cults

Mind Control Made Easy, or How to Become a Cult Leader -
a film by Carey Burtt

This 12-minute film has already been mentioned in the posts Doing Due Diligence and Why am I doing this? It is a great short-film that both spoofs cults, and describes some of their most dangerous aspects.

Right from the get-go, the narrator warns that cults often "establish front groups." The "cult members" then appear on camera and state which front group they are from:

"We're a bible study group."

"We're a management course."

"We're a meditation center."

"We're a world peace organization."

"We're a personal development center."

"We're a drug rehab center."

At the YouTube location where the video is posted, some users have posted comments comparing the video to groups they feel resemble aspects portrayed in the film. Some of these comments are amusing, while others are quite revealing.

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