Thursday, August 09, 2007

"The Secret" - David Schirmer exposed

This is an investigation into one of the individuals that appeared on the motivational DVD, "The Secret." The investigation was done by Australia's Channel Nine on the program A Current Affair, with correspondent Ben Fordham, and so far appears in three segments.

Note: Previous post on related topic in blog post entitled "The Secret... Cult?"

Part One - "The Secret Exposed", May 28, 2007:

Part Two - "The Secret Con", June 1, 2007:

Part Three - The Secret's David Schirmer Under Investigation:

More news coverage:

"Trading Secrets", July 14, 2007, PerthNow, The Sunday Times
"In another development, the only Australian motivational speaker to feature in The Secret, investment guru David Schirmer, is under investigation by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission. It follows a report by A Current Affair, which raised serious questions over his business dealings and discovered a long line of unpaid and disgruntled investors."

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Anonymous said...

Why is David Schirmer selling the Life Success products through his own company? I considered this opportunity a few years ago and I thought the investors are taking legal action over this because they have not had a refund of their investment or any profit share while Schirmer has been publicly boasting of millions of dollars of profits. Is this another example of Schirmer ethics or just a sign of desparation? I would advise anyone to contact the media to find out who the investors are and speak to them before they pay David Schirmer anything for the affiliate opportunity he is offering through his Wealth By Choice company. I also think that anyone interested in any of Schirmers products should investigate whether he has a license to sell the products he is offering including the music and the books. In the end if you buy these opportunities you are responsible for what you are selling to the public and what music you are using and what you are saying. Be very careful, this guy has shown that he has no ethics and is apparently being investigated as well as having legal action taken against him. The investigation process is slow but the action will be swift and you don't want to be caught up in it after outlaying thousands of dollars for nothing. You have time to investigate and remember investigating is not asking David Schirmer what the truth is, he is a salesman and will only EVER tell you what he wants you to know because he needs your money to finance his lifestyle. He has obviously shown no intentions of paying anyone back the money that he owes. Be smart because if you get involved with Schirmer, you are going to need to be.