Monday, November 27, 2006

Second EFF Interview on Landmark Education

Jason Schultz at EFF on DMCA Take Down Notices - Part IV

This is another interview by Enric Cirne with Electronic Frontier Foundation representative, Jason Schultz.

Enric Cirne's description of the interview:

Continuing the discussion with with Jason Schultz at the Electronic Frontier Foundation on using the DMCA to inhibit internet speech. Landmark Education's DMCA usage and a new users response to DMCA notices is discussed.

The video in question is "Voyage to the Land of the New Gurus", a French expose film on Landmark Education. Recent events surrounding the film and attempts to suppress it from the internet are detailed at the Cult News report: Landmark Education wants to make French news report a “forbidden video” on the Net.

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hgwells said...

As a Landmark graduate, I wish the Landmark folks at corporate headquarters would cool their jets on these agressive legal tactics. They usually fold before anything goes to court, but there is no question that their intent is to intimidate. I don't think this does anyone any good.

My only concern about the French documentary is the privacy of the participants being portrayed without their knowledge or consent.

GuruTruth said...

Do you feel that this "intent to intimidate" as you put it, trickles down into the Landmark Forum coursework, or is only apparent within the Landmark Education "corporate headquarters" ?

As to your second point, it looks as if all people who appeared on camera were either never identified by face, or signed waivers to appear on camera. When watching the video it looks like the camera intentionally avoids many of the individuals' faces.

hgwells said...

I'm glad to know that their identities were protected. I've downloaded the videos that are still available but not watched them yet.

As to the the "intent to intimidate" in Landmark in coursework, I'm not sure what you're getting at. No seminar participants have been threatened with lawsuits to my knowledge, though participants have sued Landmark.

OTOH it's true that if you take the mic in a seminar and disagree with the leader, you are on their turf and it could be rough sledding. I've done it and survived, but it did feel risky going in and I was glad when the interaction was over.

GuruTruth said...

"OTOH it's true that if you take the mic in a seminar and disagree with the leader, you are on their turf and it could be rough sledding. I've done it and survived, but it did feel risky going in and I was glad when the interaction was over." -

Ah, very interesting. That is more along the lines of what I was inquiring about. Thanks for the comments and it would be most interesting to hear your thoughts again after you have viewed the video.

hgwells said...

Well, for what it's worth, I'm an est graduate going back to 1977. The est Training made a huge difference to me then in terms of taking responsibility for my life rather than being a victim of my circumstances, and being willing to step out and try new things if my life was not working. Those were important messages then--and still are, if you ask me.

I participated heavily in est until 1983 when the endless demands to bring guests, bring guests, bring guests overwhelmed the good I had gotten out of the programs.

I took the Landmark Forum in 2003 after some good friends of mine told me that the Forum had been valuable for them. I liked the Forum and went on to complete the Advanced Course, SELP and a couple of graduate seminars. I noticed that Landmark had moderated a good deal since the est days. Nonetheless, it is still a bit strange and after assisting at a Forum for Teens in 2005, I felt like I had had enough for a while. As I requested, no one from Landmark has called me since.

Landmark is not the be-all and end-all answer for everyone, but it does have something to offer. The Landmark Forum provides a remarkable bang for the buck, and it is not the demonic brainwashing machine as sites like RickRoss would have it.

GuruTruth said...

To each their own opinions. However we would highly encourage the reader to fully research and read as much as they can about these groups and methodologies before plunging in. And The Rick Ross Institute site has many archived articles previously published in magazines and newspapers from which the reader can draw their own conclusions. In addition, the Skepdic site, Apologetics Index, Landmark Education litigation archive, Cult News, and Cult Awareness and Information Centre are also good resources.